About Us


First of all, we thank you for your visit to SHOPUT. We strive to give you the best of the best. With this in mind let us tell you a little bit about ourselves.

The term SHOPUT stands for Shop Ultima Trompeta. The name Ultima Trompeta is the title of a non-denominational Christian ministry started by Juan Carlos Berrios back in 2006. It’s a ministry solely dedicated to revelations (prophecies) and it’s main audience are Spanish speaking people.

In the past, Ultima Trompeta managed a music record label (MUT Records), and an online radio station (Radio Ultima Trompeta).

Today, as Ultima Trompeta sees a breakthrough in the mega project of the Grand Interoceanic Canal in the Republic of Nicaragua, Mr. Berrios started SHOPUT (Shop Ultima Trompeta) with digital products to download exposing the beauty of Nicaragua and providing very important materials for your inner self.

Berrios had the idea brewing back in early 2015 when he realized there is hardly an online site with professional photographs of Nicaragua. It wasn’t until September 2016 when the site SHOPUT was beginning to take shape under the domain name of ultimatrompeta.com. On November 11, 2016, the domain name shoput.info was registered as the official site for Shop Ultima Trompeta (SHOPUT).

Mr. Berrios and his team select the best photographs to show the world the wonderful places in Nicaragua. SHOPUT also provides art work from kids, teenagers and adults living in Nicaragua. We also have a variety of items such as music, books, and films. Plus, for the mobile lovers, we have a nice selection of ringtones personalized with the voices of Nicaragua’s awesome people.

Be sure to share out site with others, and purchase some of our materials made in Nicaragua. Our company is serious in providing customer’s satisfaction.